About Our Florida Asphalt Company

Derek Hill, owner of Liberty Sealcoat, has more than 27 years of commercial pavement maintenance experience. Our company believes in quality, craftsmanship, and honesty, traits we embody on every project. Quality starts with the accurate and up-to-date information we provide during a consultation. Any questions or concerns you have are promptly, thoroughly, and honestly addressed, including scheduling and project budget. Wherever and whatever the asphalt project is in Florida, Liberty Sealcoat provides the same high-quality solutions and results every time.

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Job Completion

Job completion, one of the most important steps on every parking area. Your customers may need to access the parking lot while we are providing our service. Traffic patterns and easy access to the property will be well thought out. We have your business in mind.

Super Service

Our Super Service provides you with good old fashioned service before, during and after job completion. The way it should be. From the first time you pick up the phone and call, you will receive professional, courteous service. We are your best connection for pavement work.

Paving Florida One Project At A Time

The type of asphalt project or size doesn't matter to Liberty Sealcoat - you deserve the first class service expected of us. We help our customers stay on budget without harming the environment by using state-of-the-art equipment and green technology for every project. While some asphalt contractors focus on substantial municipal projects and others go after small residential jobs, you can count on Liberty Sealcoat to find a solution for your asphalt needs. Contact us today.

We are quality-driven, workmanship-oriented, competitive-natured and honest-serving Florida’s asphalt maintenance needs. If you have one property or multiple locations, we will provide unsurpassed service statewide.