Long Lasting Paving Overlays

Revive Fatigued Asphalt Cost-Effective & Durable Solution

Asphalt is a long-lasting investment for many businesses, lasting upward of two decades, depending on maintenance and level of regular traffic on the surface. But eventually, the asphalt will begin to break down and need replacement for continued use. A paving overlay is a solution when the base, or subgrade, of an asphalt surface is stable. Overlays are popular because of their cost-effectiveness compared with full asphalt replacement. When you choose Liberty Sealcoat for a paving overlay, you'll receive a quality service that's appropriate for the issue.

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Paving Overlays

Erase Existing Cracks

Out With Old

Existing cracks are banished with crack repair and milling prior to a paving overlay. Without repair, cracks will reappear in a new paving overlay.

Precision Milling

Precise Measuring

Using a milling machine, the cracked or damaged asphalt surface is removed before new asphalt is poured. One to three inches of asphalt may be removed during milling.

Long-Lasting Results


A paving overlay can provide up to 10 years of stable use with regular maintenance. Liberty Sealcoat assesses the subgrade of all asphalt surfaces before beginning any overlay job.

Creating A Pavement Overlay

The last thing you want with an investment like an asphalt surface is an old problem to come back. That's why every pavement overlay from Liberty Sealcoat begins with repairing any issues with the existing surface. Once all dirt and debris are cleaned away, a geotextile fabric is laid on the old asphalt. This fabric helps the new asphalt bond to the surface while increasing the asphalt flexibility and acting as a moisture barrier. How thick the new overlay will be depends on the existing surface, but the new layer is usually 1.5 inches to 2 inches thick. Benefits of pavement overlays include:

  • Extending pavement life by 10 years to 15 years.
  • Safety improves by replacing rough and worn pavement.
  • Enhanced sound quality from less audible traffic noise.
  • Asphalt appears new but with significantly lower cost than full replacement.
  • Paving overlays take less time to complete, reducing business disruptions.
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Pavement Overlays

Paving and Patching

Liberty Sealcoat can repair pot holes and alligatored areas with fresh asphalt, at your request, prior to sealcoating.

Hot or Cold Crack Repairs

Crack repair is also available at Liberty Sealcoat. Large cracks can be filled with hot or cold material, depending on the longevity required.

Liberty Sealcoat can repair damaged, brittle asphalt. Our paving crew will cut out or re-heat old broken asphalt, replace with fresh new asphalt mix and compact prior to sealcoating.