Crack Repair

Banish Unsightly Cracks Two Ways, One Lasting Result

If your business' asphalt surface needs an economical asphalt repair to extend the surface's lifespan, asphalt crack repair from Liberty Sealcoat is a great solution. The asphalt binders break down over time from exposure to several Florida specialties — heat, sun, traffic, and water. Cracks appear as the pavement and subbase shift, allowing in water, which further damages the surface. Our crew uses hot-pour or cold-pour methods for crack repair on an existing asphalt surface or before a new pavement overlay.

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Repair Methods for Cracks in Asphalt

Quick and Easy

Quick & Easy

Asphalt crack repair allows many companies to avoid pricey full repavement without ceding quality. It's a common maintenance service from Liberty Sealcoat.

Hot Pour Method

Hot-Pour Method

Using an asphalt-based filler, the material is heated to a liquid state before being poured. The filler is pliable and rubberlike as it cools in the crack, allowing for contraction and expansion as the temperature changes.

Cold Pour Method

Cold-Pour Method

Water- or asphalt-based, the filler used for cold-pour method becomes a hard solid as it dries in the crack. It's frequently used for low-activity asphalt or short-term emergency repairs.

Asphalt Crack Repair Process

Like several of Liberty Sealcoat's services, asphalt crack repair starts by cleaning the damaged area with tools such as wire brooms and high-volume air. For hot-pour method, a specially designed applicator heats the filler to a precise temperature before pouring into the crack. Cold-pour filler is directly applied to the damaged area and allowed to harden. Benefits of asphalt crack repair include:

  • Doubling asphalt lifespan with crack repairs & sealcoating.
  • Protecting subbase & subgrade from water penetration.
  • Timely repairs are possible at the same time as a pavement overlay.
  • Providing an even surface for pedestrians & vehicles.
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Effective Crack Repair