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Potholes and other exposed portions of asphalt will decline quickly unless repaired. The decline can affect the surface and subgrade. A safe and stable asphalt surface is restored with asphalt patching, which fills the area with new and/or recycled asphalt product. Liberty Sealcoat frequently assists businesses in maintaining an asphalt surface with patching service. Regardless of the asphalt patching technique used, you can count on a durable and lasting asphalt repair.

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Asphalt Patching Fits Your Needs

Cut and Patch

Cut & Patch

A one-foot perimeter around the damaged area is removed before Liberty Sealcoat adds new asphalt to create a patch.

Mill and Patch

Mill & Patch

Milling removes damaged asphalt in a precise manner. New asphalt binds an aggregate, usually 1/4 inches or 3/8 inches, to reduce the possibility of the patch raveling.

Infrared Heating

Infrared Heating

This quick and effective patching method heats the asphalt depth up to three inches. A rejuvenator or new asphalt is added after scarification before patch compaction.

How Asphalt Patching Works

Liberty Sealcoat evaluates your asphalt need and determines the best type of patching before beginning. Once the asphalt is exposed after cleaning, our crew repairs the foundation if necessary. New asphalt is poured and compacted before a sealcoat is applied after the patch cures. Sealcoating protects the new asphalt by preventing water penetration and premature wearing. Benefits of asphalt patching include:

  • Shortened downtime for parking & traffic access.
  • The patch blends seamlessly into existing asphalt for a consistent appearance.
  • Existing asphalt has functional lifespan extended through patching.
  • Pedestrians & vehicles enjoy improved safety.
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